General Specifications

Our General Specifications

These general specifications are compiled to assist our customers to quantify the value we place on quality and are constantly under review. Goldfields Management evaluates every contract in order to comply with the scope of work contained within any customer requirements.

It will be appreciated that we design, manufacture and supply a large number of products related to horizontal underground transport and guarantee our products to be safe and without risk to health and safety when used correctly.

A risk assessment profile is availably on request (together with working documentation). This risk assessment should be used as a comprehensive evaluation to determine hazards and risks involved with the handling, storage, operating and use revolving around the Goldfields Management Products as set out in this assessment, which may affect the health and safety of workers.

Specifications: Pages 1 to 4.

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We design Manufacture and Supply Quality Precision Mining Equipment.

The movement of men and material in any mining environment is what we specialize in.


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