Occupational Health

This policy is designed, (and will be implemented) to apply to all individuals occupying, visiting or working at or on Goldfields Management's property.

Personnel irrespective of occupational task, position/status, and or skill level will be required to apply this policy and forms part of their conditions of employment. Disciplinary action will be taken if any of the health and safety requirements of Goldfields Management are blatantly ignored or disregarded.

Visitors; Suppliers; Customers
All visitors' suppliers and customers are requested to assist us in providing a safe and healthy environment in which to conduct business and take notice of all danger zones. This ultimately leads to a facility safe and free from risk to the health and safety of all person/persons involved in our day-to-day operations. The danger zone implies the area, which an exposed person is subject to a risk to his health or safety.

It is recommended that all suppliers and contractors implement a Transport Equipment Audit System for loading off-loading operations to provide for a structured appraisal of potential safety problems and elimination measures are evaluated against a fixed standard. A similar system is available from the Department of Transport.

All Goldfields Management Personnel
The health and safety policy (displayed in all workshops/stores and offices) is for the benefit of all person/persons working in our facility irrespective of status. Your assistance is paramount in insuring that the policy meets the very highest standards of a safe and healthy working environment.

Any assistance/recommendations that will assist this process will be welcome by all at Goldfields Management and should be communicated to the delegate responsible person.  Remember that an unsafe practice, either by an individual or individuals can have very dyer consequences for many other people and your corporate responsibility should be judiciously applied in this area.

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