Local Enterprise

The Board of Directors and all support personnel are fully committed to utilize local industries in outsourcing any facility and or equipment that Goldfields Management is not in a position to provide. All materials including Steel, Wheels Axles and Buffers are sourced locally. Consumables including Paint, Welding consumables and auxiliary products are purchased locally. All Goldfields Management's Equipment is designed and manufactured in South Africa. (We are proudly South African)

We have the full support of all personnel in introducing, implementing and maintaining this directive and are fully committed to provide a quality product and service to all customers, establishing the critia and methods assuring these requirements are achieved.

We will manufacture and supply new and refurbished equipment of the highest quality to all our customer's. Guarantee satisfaction by identifying the current and future needs of the end user, utilizing local material suppliers where applicable.

The needs that will relate to customer satisfaction are as follows:

  • the specific needs of each customer must take precedence.
  • Manufacture and supply all equipment at the best price, quality and reliability using local support where applicable.
  • Supply and deliver to customer requirements/schedules.
  • Minimize delays that are sometimes un-avoidable (for whatever reason)
  • Ensure all equipment, manufactured and supplied is safe and without risk to health and safety when used correctly!
  • Comply with the requirements of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

Through a continuous program of communicating these requirements, training all personnel within the organization to have a clear understanding of this policy, we will continue to offer our customer a product that is reliable, without risk to health and safety, delivered on time at the right price.. The value we place on this statement is evident in the quality of the product we have supplied to the industry for many years. We strive to duplicate and improve on the good and maintain a zero tolerance on none conformity.

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We design Manufacture and Supply Quality Precision Mining Equipment.

The movement of men and material in any mining environment is what we specialize in.


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