Environmental Management Plan

Goldfields Management and staff recognize that the long-term sustainability of our business is dependent upon good stewardship in both the protection of the environment and the efficient management of all resources utilized in the manufacturing of the company products.

We will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements.
Goldfields Management is committed to establishing and maintaining management systems to identify monitor and control the environmental aspects of our activities.

The company will ensure that necessary resources are available to meet its reclamation and environmental obligations.

Goldfields Management will ensure that all employees and contractors are aware of this policy and their relevant responsibilities and will conduct audits to evaluate the effectiveness of our environmental├┐ management systems.

Goldfields Management is committed to communicate and consult with interested and affected parties on environmental aspects of our activities and will work continually to improve our environmental performance.

Goldfields Management will participate in any forum, local body or regulatory body including our customers in matters relating to improving the environment pertaining to our particular industry and or product.

Discuss and or debate on environmental matters at local, national and customer's level in order to facilitate improvements to our manufacturing processes.

Ensure that our products are environmentally safe and conform to our customers environmentally health and safety requirements.
For and on behalf of the board of directors of Goldfields Management (Pty) Limited.

Although these guide lines will be developed for the specific reference to Goldfields Management's activities, their core elements and developments are more widely applicable.

There are many other role-players involved in Goldfields Managements services. These include any organization providing services, materials, education and training institutions, professional bodies, contractors, non-government organizations, the manufacturing industry, business and other organizations involved in supporting activities such as research and development. All employees in these organizations and their related representative structures will need to be informed and comply with Goldfields Management's environmental requirements.

Targets. The targets we will set for ourselves are aspirational. To meet them will require a concerted and collaborative effort on the part of all role-players. "Together we can do it."

It is generally accepted truism that for this environmental commitment to be effective, it must have strong support of senior members/employees of Goldfields Management (Pty) Limited this support or approval should be shown and demonstrated in the form of a plan that will be outlined by the board of directors of Goldfields Management. To demonstrate the company's commitment to the actions outlined in this plan we will issue a set of general instruction that will form part of a company instruction, and will be posted on all notice boards in due course. All management and employees including all support services will be required to adhere to this plan and report all none compliance to their immediate supervisor for appropriate action.

In the mean time it is imperative that common sense prevail: All actives that would endanger the health and safety of the immediate or wider environment be reported enabling management to instruct and provide the necessary training to establish an environment that is conducive to the well being of all involve in our industry and comply with all aspects of Goldfields Management's health and safety requirements.

Board of Directors
Goldfields Management (Pty) Limited

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